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Our curriculum

Emergent curriculum and in-depth projects

Children are capable, competent, curious and creative. The educational projects stem from particular interests of the children allowing them to be active protagonists in their learning processes. Through in-depth view, children have the opportunity to learn and research in a focused and more creative way. Children learn through their observations and their senses by experimenting, reflecting, wondering and sharing.

Our approach is based on socio-constructivism and the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia, it is aligned with the national curriculum standards and it is certified by the national Ministry of Education.


The ‘100 languages’ of children

Children invent, learn and express themselves through ‘100 languages’. For children, experiencing them means enriching creative and divergent thinking to find their own personal strategies for communicating, learning and playing. We propose the Atelier culture and the use of expressive languages as a means of learning. We promote creativity and the arts at school to develop the extraordinary expressive potential that children have.

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Active learning and eco-friendly approach

We observe and support children's development in the different fields of knowledge: personal and social, communication, numeracy, creativity, environment and body in movement. We value each individual approach to learning. Both indoors and outdoors we offer an eco-friendly approach. We promote the use of recycled materials and environmental education from early age.

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