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Play Based Projects welcomes children from the early years to primary school and offers childcare and after-school services.

Our mission: a child-focused approach

The children with their attitudes, curiosity and skills are at the core of our educational projects. Our school aims to offer to all the children appropriate proposals for their age, skills and interests to support their holistic growth and knowledge. We propose learning through play and through doing, helping children to enquire about the world around them, to develop their own thinking, and to collaborate sharing positive relationships.

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The school as a community of learners

We believe in a community of learners to build a collectivity in which each child's voice is heard. Uniqueness is enhanced as well as the collective identity. Families are part of this community and are involved in the process of growth and learning. Teachers are co-researchers with the children; they understand the importance of positive and caring relationships in the development of a healthy child. Their approach and their teaching are supported by continued training courses.


Bilingualism and cultural diversity

We model active listening. We believe all individuals deserve to live in an context that values them, respects them and recognises their own dignity. We celebrate the differences of cultures and traditions that make us all unique. English and Spanish languages are spoken and understood by adults and children every day.


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Infront of Mayan Jungle Canopy
Gibson Bight, 34101
Roatan, Honduras

+504 9662-8091

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